About Darkerr

Why Dark Memes are still important

In the last couple of years we have seen an interesting development. Most of our favorite media hosting pages have become more and more "politically correct", which of course is a development that helps many people and brings good into the world
However, if you are a person that would like a break from the orderly, socially constructed and way to serious world out there, you might enjoy a place that has some dark humor and offensive memes from time to time. This is why Darkerr was founded.

The bright side of dark humor

Multiple studies show interesting correlations between intelligence and dark humor. It seems that to be able to understand a joke with a sick, twisted but also creative punchline you have to see things through multiple layers and from different angles. Apart from that, it was even found that a preference for dark humor is associated with lower aggressiveness and higher lower mood disturbance.
But these are not the only benefits this kind of humor can bring. Sometimes laughing can help us to work through issues that we have trouble processing. There is enough stressful and fear provoking news in the world over which we have no control. Joking and laughing about them can help us to understand them better.
One more benefit that darkerr can bring is to allow social criticism more freely. Free speech that is constructive and follows the law is more important than ever today, however it can be seen more and more that it is made a lot harder by movements that started in good intentions.

Rules on Darkerr

In order to keep this website alive and fun, it of course has to be moderated. There are pleanty of people who dont get the difference between jokes and hatred. Please dont be one of them.
If you see any post that breaks the following guidelines, please use the report function to make us know. We will moderate it as soon as possible.

  • Uploaded posts should be about making people laugh. Just spreading hate or anger is not welcome.
  • News and Politics are only tolerated if they are critical and supported by the public opinion of darkerr.
  • Do not advertise for own causes.

How can I support Darkerr?

Darkerr is still a very small website, but we are looking to expand it more and more, as it can be seen that there is interest by the public. At the moment we dont monetize apart from experimentation with ads.
If you are looking to support Darkerr and its cause, the most simple way is to just be active on platform. You can do this by upvoting, reporting hateful posts and most importantly: uploading your dark humor memes.
If you know people who you think could enjoy some dark memes and offensive humor, you would help us greatly if you tell them about the website.